Our Boat

is made for a fun, fast and exciting experience.

Rayglass Protectors

… have an amazing worldwide reputation as incredibly safe seaworthy boats.

In fact you have probably seen them as the go to boat for the chase/support boats in The America’s Cup Yacht Racing. Our boat was originally built for and served as an America’s Cup Chase boat.

It then went into service for COASTGUARD NZ our Marine Rescue Service, and it has saved lives.


Our boat takes a maximum of 12 guests,

… making it a very intimate experience.

Having rubber pontoons means you are very close to the Dolphins on the boat even before you enter the water. Itʼs a thrilling way to watch them swimming along with the boat.

Also with a smaller boat we can get very close to the scenery and wildlife taking you into caves, depending on the sea conditions.

It has two 250hp Honda four stroke outboard engines that are rated with very low emissions and low fuel consumption.

It is a fun fast and exciting boat that will get you out to all the action to see and do more.

It is under Maritime NZ licensing which means it meets all safety standards and has the required safety equipment on board.

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