Are Dolphins guaranteed?

This is not SeaWorld, this is their world!

Our first priority

… is your Dolphin Swim experience.

Swimming with the Hectors/New Zealand Dolphins, the smallest and rarest ocean going dolphins in the world, does not happen in aquariums or cages in the ocean.

It happens in their natural habitat the Pacific Ocean  & Akaroa Harbour, where they are completely free and everything is done on their terms.

We are ecoSEAker

… and work in sustainable ecotourism,

… we respect wildlife in it’s natural state.

This is not Sea World, This is Their World

They are as rare as Bengal Tigers, Giant Pandas and Mountain Silver Back Gorillas !

So it is a real privilege to come out and see them let alone have an opportunity to swim with them.

Although there are no guarantees with wild dolphins they do live here all year round.

The Hectors Dolphins are scientifically known to show more interest in people in the water and boats than any other type of wild dolphin in NZ and most likely the world.

ecoSEAker’s success rate

for gaining a swim encounter is


On our trips

… we have always seen the Hectors Dolphins.

We would say that with us, there is a 1-2% chance not to see any and 9.5% chance not to gain a swim encounter.

We think that’s absolutely amazing when working with wildlife.

So as you can see we cannot 100% guarantee them but the chances are very high.

The reason for such high chances is because we take you out longer than other dolphin swim companies, 2.5 to 3 hrs on the water.

We are also governed by our Department of Conservation so if the dolphins have calfs (babies) with them or are showing no interest we cannot swim with them.

We are the best deal in town

… because we take you out longer

… and include a harbour tour with your dolphin swim, maximising your experience and increasing your value for money.

We are smaller, friendlier, and give you so much more on our tours, see our guest reviews on Tripadvisor.

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