The Hamiltons

local family and owner of ecoseaker

Steve Hamilton

Owner / Skipper

Steve Hamilton your Skipper, a 5th generation local and descendant of early French and Scottish settlers grew up on a sheep farm alongside Akaroa Harbour and has intimate knowledge of the harbour and surrounding area. Starting out at a young age, boating and fishing in and around Akaroa Harbour with his family ensured Steve grew to love the ocean environment. He and his brother also enjoyed trekking down the farm to collect Mussels and Paua off the rocks.

The steep walk back up the hill carrying the catch of the day was a tough task with many rest stops for little legs. Steve has worked for several years in dolphin swimming starting with his father as a guide where he gained his skippers licence and then went on to work for another company as a swim boat skipper gaining his next level of licence and a lot more experience.  He has also had experience on a local Cray fishing and Groper fishing boat which was a very interesting time and still sometimes joins them for some great rod fishing action.

In Steveʼs spare time he is an avid free diver and father enjoying time with his son Blake who arrived in May 2014. Of course Steve thinks he is just the most handsome son anyone ever had and loves spending time with him. But he canʼt wait until heʼs old enough to go free diving and fishing.

Kerstin Hamilton

Owner / Manager

Kerstin, Steveʼs wife and partner is originally from the Allgaeu in Bavarian Germany. Kerstin travelled to N.Z in 2007 on a working holiday experience. She began working as co-manager in the backpackers that Steve was running on the family farm where the dolphin trips were running from. They became friends and the rest, as they say is history… Kerstin has also worked for other Akaroa tour companies and is at the moment very busy taking care of their son Blake, managing ecoSEAker and playing the flute in her spare time. You will probably speak to her when you make your phone bookings.

Blake Hamilton

The little big boss

Blake of course is a most handsome and clever boy and Steve canʼt wait until heʼs fishing, diving, driving boats and riding motorcycles. Kerstin can wait because she just loves him being a little boy and is not so keen on him riding motorcycles. Why the name Blake? Well Kerstin liked the sound of it and Steve thought it was a good strong seafarers name. Blake, as a name, also has strong connections in New Zealand with sailing, the ocean and environmental protection issues. Sir Peter Blake was a N.Z yachtsman who was successful at the top level in world sailing. He lead Team New Zealand to successive victories in The Americas Cup in 1995 and 2000. He then went on to environmental exploration, monitoring global warming and pollution for the United Nations. Steve loves to watch the Americas Cup it’s what he calls the Formula 1 of yachting. Looks like little Blake has a lot to live up to! Steve and Kerstin will just be happy if he grows up healthy, happy and successful in whatever he chooses to do. Who knows though, maybe Captain Blake will take you out to see the dolphins in the future.


The little little boss

Lowest in the Hamilton pack but not the least is the much loved Milka. How did Milka get her name? Well being chocolate brown and Milka being Kerstinʼs favourite brand of German chocolate it was easy really. Milka spends her time begging for food, looking for cuddles, going on walks, keeping an eye on Blake as all good older sisters do and giving and receiving much love to everyone she meets. She also loves to bark at the neighbours cat, itʼs a dog thing.

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