Important Tour Information


Dolphin Swimming Tours in Akaroa: Adults from $170pp , Children from $160pp 8-15 years old.
Harbour Adventure Cruise: Adults $75pp, Children $50pp    0-15 years old .


Tour DepartureTimes

Dolphin Swimming Tour: All season 1 trip per day, meeting at Daly’s Wharf Akaroa at 10:30am.
Harbour Adventure Cruise: All season 1 trip per day, departing from Daly’s Wharf at 2:30pm 
Please check in for your tour no later than 15 minutes before departure times.



We operate Dolphin Swimming Tours & Harbour Cruises in Akaroa from the 1st of October to the 30th of April.


Minimum Numbers

A minimum of 2 swimmers is required to operate a Swim Tour.

A minimum of 4 guests is required to operate a Harbour Adventure Cruise.



All tours are subject to weather and sea conditions and it is at the Skippers discretion. See our FAQ’s for our cancellation policy.

Private Charter

If you would like a private tour please contact us directly to discuss options.

Are Dolphins guaranteed ?

The Swim Experience

To take part you must have a basic level of swimming ability and be able to swim 50 meters without aids. A basic level of fitness is required to swim to and from the boat and climb up and down the small entry ladder. Please remember this is swimming in the ocean and quite different from pool or beach swimming.

You will be provided with a 5mm full body wetsuit to keep you relatively warm with 5mm booties (shoes) and mask and snorkel. Please arrive wearing your swim suit under your clothes as you will be getting changed with other people of the same sex and it will speed up departure.

You do not need snorkelling experience to enjoy the trip. If the Dolphins are interested they will come close and be in the top 3 feet/1 meter of water and you will see them at the surface.

A basic level of english is required by individuals and at least 1 member of a group to be able understand the Skippers instructions and safety briefing.

Please do not attend the tour under the influence of alcohol or drugs as you will not be permitted onto the boat and no refund will be given.

Dolphin Swimmer

Medical/Risk Disclaimer

As with any outdoor or ocean based activity there are risks involved due to natural elements, also seasickness and being in relatively low water temperature can aggravate pre existing medical conditions, although the water temperature in Akaroa Harbour is warmer than Encounters in Kaikoura.

All swimmers must fill out a medical/risk disclaimer form disclosing medical conditions, disabilities, injuries past or present before embarking on the tour.

Age Policy

To be able to swim children must be 8 years or older. Between 8 and 12 years they must be accompanied by an adult swimmer at all times in the water.




The tour takes place either in the Akaroa harbour or outside the Akaroa harbour depending on where the dolphins are. Both areas can lead to seasickness depending on the conditions.

It is advisable if concerned to take seasickness medication before you arrive for check in. See the closest pharmacy. Note: No refunds are given due to seasickness.

What To Bring

All passengers should bring warm clothing, water bottle and camera (with a full battery) ! Optional extras: Sunglasses, Sunhat or warm hat.

All passengers should bring medication that should be with you at all times. Some examples are Asthma inhalers, Epi Pens, Pills etc.

Put on sunscreen before arriving and bring it on the boat if you want to.

Dolphin Swimmers should bring things mentioned above and most important your swimsuit, bikini, swim shorts etc and towel.

We do not provide a towel so you must have yours and come wearing your swimsuit under your clothing as this speeds up our departure giving us more time on the water, also you will be changing with other people of the same sex.

Being a small company means we have small footprint , therefore better for the environment. It does mean however we haven’t got a shower on site. For those who need a shower our local isite-Adventure Center can provide one for a small fee, just ask us.

A Hot Chocolate and snack will be provided after your swim.

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