Arrive 10 minutes before check in time and meet your host Steve.

Change into wetsuits, take pictures of each other looking fantastic in black rubber, this takes about 20 minutes.

Board boat and have a 5 minute boat safety briefing with Steve.

Then a 5 minute talk about the dolphins and how to swim with them to maximise your encounter.

Head out onto the awesome scenic Akaroa Harbour to look for dolphins.

Spend approximately 2 to 2.5 hours looking for dolphins, swimming with dolphins, taking lots of pictures.

Drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits, viewing other wildlife and scenery, generally having a great time.

Get back to the wharf, take more pictures with your host, then get dry and changed, takes about 20 minutes.

Lots of hand shaking and thanks from Steve for coming out with ecoSEAker.

Lastly saying goodbye and promising Steve to write great reviews on all the social media platforms you possibly can!